We offer a tailored approach to all coaching programmes, in order to meet individual requirements.

It is essential that the coaching relationship is built on a basis of trust and encouragement, with full confidentiality maintained with the coachee.

What we do

Our expert consultants work with individuals to provide an insight into your true potential using their skill, experience and psychometric tools.

Whether you have an immediate issue to deal with or you have more medium to long term matters we help you to realise how you can achieve your goals.

Short Term

We assist you when you have a clearly identified problem or issue that can be resolved by helping you to understand the key factors needed to remedy the issue.

Medium Term

We can give support for the length of a specific project or help in the early period of a new appointment etc. Coaching support can also be identified as part of our Management Development programmes

Long Term

We provide ongoing and regular contact to achieve strategic, operational and goal setting  ambitions. This can be specific or part of seeking personal growth or career development.