People Development

Intrinsic to the success of any organisation will be the people who work within it.

For individuals the removal of a mandatory retirement age provides an opportunity for us to explore our personal careers and development in a new way.

At Matrix we focus on personal development, encouraging all our clients to explore and learn new skills and enhance existing good practice.

  • Team Building
  • Team Development 
  • Personal Development

This builds towards achieving a role, allowing individuals to maximise the use of their personal skills and attributes.

Using a range of tools which could include; coaching, mentoring, training, psychometric tools, 360 feedback and academic learning, we can provide a development programme that will suit the way you learn and develop.

“I have much more confidence in myself and I am aware of what I am capable of achieving.”

“I think the team provided a welcoming “safe” environment in which to learn.  I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience and gained a great deal from it.”

“I reflect on what has happened and look for solutions to improve things.”

“This journey has not just been about obtaining a degree, I have learnt so much about myself and have improved my leadership skills ten-fold!”

“This programme has changed my life – thank you!”